The American Legion Law Enforcement Career Academy (ALLECA)has been in existence for 36-years and is a partnered program
between the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZ DPS) and The American Legion-Department of Arizona.

The American Legion believes that our young people have a strong sense of patriotism and a high regard for Law and Order. The
objective of ALLECA is to provide a first-hand look at the role of a police officer and military member in promoting and safeguarding
America’s freedom and rights. This could be described as a one-week mini-police academy or military boot camp. Sessions are planned
annually during summer vacation. Discipline is strict with vigorous physical training, running, and calis-thenics included. Obstacle
courses and defensive tactics are planned.

The ALLECA program is not a “boot camp” or a camp for problem or incorrigible, unmanageable teens. Various government and
criminal justice officials will be guest speakers. Basic instruction will be by certified police officers from various Arizona police agencies.
All applicants must either be enrolled in a recognized school or have just graduated. They must have reached their 11th birthday in the
month preceding the academy or have not reached their 19th birthday by the start date of the academy.

Tuition fees are the responsibility of the applicant. However, they may be paid by anyone including, but not limited to; relatives,
businesses, local law agencies, fraternal organizations, friends, VFW, or DAV Posts or your local American Legion Post. If the tuition fee
of $250 does not accompany the application, the applicant will be advised of whether or not other funds are available and whether they
can be accepted or not. Tuition is non-refundable. Each cadet will be furnished a uniform of trousers, belt, cap, polo shirt, t-shirts and
shorts. Each cadet will be mailed (or emailed), prior to the opening of the session, a “CALL TO REPORT” letter. This will advise the
cadet on what personal items will be needed for the one week session. Applicants must provide their own transportation to the Academy.
If a hardship does exist, the applicant may contact either Sgt. Dan Palmer (Director) or Deputy Director Frank Whitten for possible
assistance. Parents/guardians, relatives or friends are responsible for transportation after graduation.


Some of what Cadets do during the 1 week ALLECA Program

15 miles run, 1,000 push-ups and sit-ups, as well as mountain climbers, cheery pickers, jumping jacks, etc.
Five hour class on Citizenship and Americanism
First aid and buddy care, as well as Air Rescue operations
Defensive Tactics (all day class)
What not to do while driving
How to defeat bullies
High risk stops, building searches, and active shooter drills
Critical incidents and what it truly means to be a Cop
Drill and marching
Flag raising and lower ceremonies each day
Firewatch (2-hour shifts, multiple times a week)
Ironing, shining boots, washing clothes
Post 133 2019 ALLECA  Program

Cadets who attended were
Anel Porras and Ibrahim Salah
Please notice how they changed from day one to when they graduated.